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Sleeping in a Cold Room

9 Benefits of Sleeping in a Cold Room

Doctors have always emphasized good sleeping habits for your ultimate health. Good sleep is a simple technique that can elevate the quality of your life, although people take it for granted. One of the best ways to ensure that you enjoy a good night’s sleep is by sleeping in a cooler room. 

The optimal temperature that is recommended is between 60 to 68 Fahrenheit. This temperature helps you fall asleep quickly and also improves the quality of your sleep. Read on to learn how sleeping in a cold room benefits your health and life in general.

Benefits of Sleeping in a Cold Room

Fall Asleep Quickly

Naturally, an average human body starts to lose its core body temperature when the standard sleeping time approaches. Psychologically, the mind will also begin to make changes approximately one hour or one and half hours before you drift to sleep. 

When you sleep in a cold room, you aid the body in reducing its core temperature, and thus, you are bound to sleep faster than in a warm room. On the other hand, high temperatures work against your body temperatures when sleeping. 

Therefore, every time you try to sleep, your body temperature gets too high for you and hinders you from sleeping.

Improves Sleeping Quality

Since cooler rooms assist the body during the sleeping time to lower its temperature, the body spends less energy while cooling down. Consequently, this makes it easier for it to achieve proximal sleeping temperatures, and with less energy consumed, you can get a good quality of sleep. 

In addition, cooler rooms also help the body transition to the REM sleep stage, where you have dreams. It is at this stage where memory consolidations and cellular repair happens.

Improves Melatonin Levels

Melatonin is the hormone in the body that is responsible for the control of sleeping and waking up. It is secreted by the pineal glands and is triggered by darkness. Researchers have discovered that cold temperatures aid the production of melatonin. 

Therefore, when you sleep in a cold room, melatonin levels are high, and hence you get better sleep. Scientists have also managed to develop melatonin supplements to help people with sleeping disorders, but it is usually taken under strict medical prescriptions.

Reduces Risk of Disease

A cool room has temperatures that support the brown fats, which are good for metabolism. Brown fat is also essential in reducing the risks of obesity and dangers brought about by obesity like heart disease. Good sleep reduces the chances of diabetes type 2 by promoting insulin sensitivity and promoting glucose disposal. Melatonin that is also produced aids in fighting against Alzheimer’s and protects brain health.


The sleeping hormone melatonin is an antioxidant. Therefore, it serves as an anti-aging hormone to your body. When you sleep in a cold room, more melatonin is produced in your body, which means you will have more anti-aging hormones. 

Cooler rooms also stimulate the production of growth hormones which, in turn, helps the body repair broken and damaged cells faster. This slows down the aging process of the body cells.

Enhances Moods

People who get good sleep tend to wake up in good moods. Conversely, when you have had a bad night or less sleep, you wake up irritable and can easily get irritated by small things. You are also at risk of increased anxiety levels and depression. 

These are all risks that are avoided through a healthy habit of sleeping in a cold room, which will give your body an optimal environment for a good night’s sleep.

Prevents Insomnia

Sleep is stimulated when your body is aided by dropping its core temperature. Cold rooms facilitate this process and thus trigger sleep. If you have insomnia, your body can now get the right conditions for you to sleep. The room also keeps the conditions optimal for you to have a good quality sleep.

Reduces Stress

As the body is subjected to good sleeping conditions by the cold room, good sleep assists the body to be calm. It relaxes the mind, and hence, one can concentrate better. These conditions act as stress relievers. A cold room also assures you of a consistent sleep session which will allow your mind optimal relaxation.

Improves Physical Performance

Good sleep brought about by the cold rooms enables your body to secrete hormones that aid in muscle restoration. It also allows your body to wake up re-energized and relaxed. Whenever you do not get enough sleep, you wake up tired and sometimes not eager to face any physical activity.

Ways to Make a Hot Room Colder

If your room is too hot, there are several measures you can put in place to reduce the temperatures to optimal levels and have a better sleep. These measures are outlined below.

Using a Standard Quiet Fan

When you sleep with a standard fan, the room temperature is regulated, and any sweat that forms on your body evaporates quickly. The fan also helps circulate the air in the room.

Using Black-out Curtains

Black-out curtains restrict the entry of any extra lights from outside, which would, in turn, hinder melatonin production. These curtains also act as external heat barriers which prevent heat from entering the room during the day or in the morning.

Reducing the Use of Incandescent Lights

Incandescent lights have the downside of emitting most of their energy as heat. Therefore, the room gets more heat when they are used. However, you can opt to use the LED light bulbs because they emit significantly less heat energy.

Sleeping on Lower Floors

From the fundamental laws of science, warm air rises while cool airdrops. So when you put your bed closer to the floor, you escape the warm air and get a chance to sleep in a cooler atmosphere.

Keeping Windows Open

When you have your windows open, circulation is enhanced, and cool air is allowed in the room. This is most favorable if the windows are opened in the evening when the temperatures are dropping. The cool air is allowed in and cools the room to optimal levels.

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