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Queen vs. King Size Mattress – What’s The Better Choice?

If you are looking to buy a new bed, then the mattress size is one of the crucial aspects you should look into. This is because a mattress can make lots of changes in your room, starting with the free space to move around the room all the way to how comfy and suitable it is for you.

The width of a king and queen-size mattress is the most significant difference. The queen and king mattresses are each 80 inches in length, however, the king is 16 inches more wide. 

While queen-size mattresses continue to be the most popular on Sleep Underground, king-size mattresses aren’t far behind. According to 2016 research conducted by the Better Sleep Council (BSC), roughly 47 percent of people sleep on a queen mattress while 25% on a king mattress.

For couples who prefer more space, a king-size mattress (eastern king mattress) is ideal. But other factors can influence your selection as well when deciding between queen and king bed sizes.

Queen vs. King Size Mattress – Size and Dimension

The king mattress size is 76 x 80 inches in total, while the queen mattress size is 60 x 80. King mattresses are ideal for master bedrooms, they are perfect for couples because there’s plenty of room for each of them to move around.

On the other hand, this is a mattress that takes a lot of space, so if you plan to get a king mattress for a small room, it would not leave much space for more furniture. So, both of these mattresses are great, however, it depends on the size of the room you will place it in. 

Queen vs. King Size Mattress – Price Differences

The costs of both options could vary dramatically depending on a variety of factors like brand, size, accessories, etc. However, the usual pricing of both mattresses is that a king-sized bed is normally more expensive than a queen-size bed. 

This is mainly because of the size differences between the two. However, if you wish to buy one, it’s worth noting that even though king-size mattresses are usually bigger, the queen mattresses are not that much smaller.

Both options are very spacious and comfortable depending on your needs. If you plan to get a mattress for one person, it might be worth it to check the queen mattress options out there, you might even save some money on the extra space which you can then use to buy accessories instead. 

Queen vs. King Size Mattress – Recommended Room Size

This is a very important thing to consider while choosing the mattress. If you have a partner, it will be very comfortable for both of you to get the extra 16 inches on the king mattress. However, this depends more on the size of your room than on other things. 

Usually, rooms should have at least 2 feet on all 3 sides to leave enough space, however, this is only for the bed, meaning that if you wish to add more furniture in the room, you will need your room to be at least 12 x 14 feet. 

Queen vs. King Size Mattress – Comfort

Both of those mattresses are comfortable, but they can get less comfortable depending on whether you share the bed with your partner or if you sleep alone. If you decide to get the king-sized mattress, it will be more than enough for two people to toss and turn freely.

However, if you sleep alone, queen-sized mattresses are definitely a better option. It allows you enough space to move freely while not taking up too much space in your room. But if you have the extra room, it is surely advisable to get the king-size mattresses as they will allow you more space and accordingly, more comfort. 

Queen vs. King Size Mattress – Advantages & Disadvantages

For couples, both queen and king beds are good options. A queen bed is the best choice if your bedroom is small. A king-size bed is designed for large bedrooms, couples, and families. Your bedroom is supposed to provide enough space for you to move around freely while still allowing you to comfortably sleep.

Queen Mattress

A Queen-size bed is 80 inches long and 60 inches wide, which makes it longer and wider than a Full-size – or the next size down – mattress. Queen mattresses are typically cheaper than the larger King-size bed and give ample space for couples with smaller bedrooms.


  • Perfect size for couples
  • Suitable for smaller master bedrooms
  • Ideal for couples sharing their bed with a pet


  • Narrower than a king-size bed
  • Not very spacious for couples to toss and turn freely
  • Not suitable for very small bedrooms

King Mattress

When compared to a Queen-size mattress, a King-size mattress is 80 inches long and 76 inches wide, giving it an extra 16 inches of width. This bed size is popular among couples and is usually found in bigger master bedrooms.


  • Perfect space for couples
  • Suitable for plus-size individuals
  • Great space for couples who have pets 


  • Very hard to move it around
  • The 80-inch length is not suitable for taller individuals
  • Not suitable for small bedrooms

Which Mattress Wins?

The extra width offered by the king-size bed is the one thing that will determine which is best for you. If you are in a couple or you sleep alone, a queen-sized mattress is definitely a great option for you as it allows enough space to move around while still having enough space to sleep in.

While a king-size bed allows you more sleeping space, making the bed even more comfortable for couples and perfect for families and pets. The only problem would be the size of the room. If your room is spacious enough for the king bed and still allows you to move around freely, then the king-size bed is for you!

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