The 10 Best Bedroom Plants to Help You Sleep bedroom plants to help you sleep

We all know that when it comes to our best sleep life, a safe, peaceful, happy bedroom area can be game-changing. Creating a space where you can leave your day-to-day worries aside and prioritize your body and mind can be the key to conquering anxiety-induced sleep disorders and improving your health overall. And it turns […]

What is Sleepwalking? sleepwalking

Have you ever fallen asleep in one place and woken up somewhere else entirely? Maybe you went to bed in your bedroom like usual, and then woke up on your living room sofa. Or maybe you’ve seen a partner, child, or other loved one sleepwalking and not known how to help. Sleepwalking can be mysterious […]

How Much Sleep Do Teenagers Really Need? teens and sleep

Life is full of challenges when you’re a teen. In addition to heavy schoolwork, first heartbreaks, and self discovery, people are always giving them a hard time about sleeping too much, or sleeping too little, or sleeping too late. What gives? Our teenage years are a period of unprecedented change, and sleep is more important […]

What is Jet Lag? And How to Beat It how to beat jet lag

Anyone who’s ever gone on holiday has probably heard the phrase “jet lag” at least once. If you’ve experienced it yourself, you’ll know that it’s never a nice way to start your time away from home, whether you’re taking a vacation, travelling for work, or seeing family. Jet lag can mess with our bodies and […]

Why Do We Dream? All Your Questions Answered why do we dream

Dreaming is one of those mysterious parts of life that science doesn’t entirely understand yet. Everyone dreams, and sometimes we share our dream experiences with others or listen to friends and family tell us about their dreams. But why do we live these complex, confusing, disorienting stories at night? What causes them, and why do […]

What is Hypersomnia? How Sleeping Too Much Affects Our Health hypersomnia sleeping too much

We often hear about the dangers of not getting enough sleep — and with our busy lifestyles and a trend for multitasking that shows no sign of slowing down, undersleeping is a very real threat to just about everyone. But what about sleeping too much? Is that even a thing that happens? And how does […]

Effect of Listening to Music While Sleeping — Good or Bad? listening to music while sleeping

There’s no denying that music forms a big part of our waking lives. We listen to it when we get up to help us start our day, we listen to it while we drive or ride the bus to work, when we’re visiting with our friends, or on an exciting night out. Some people devote […]

How Our Sleep Changes as We Age aging and sleep

We all know that sleep is an essential part of our daily health. It keeps our bodies strong, keeps our minds sharp, and contributes to our emotional well-being. But what about when we start getting older, and our bodies aren’t as reliable as they used to be? Good sleep health becomes a struggle as we […]

Should You Sleep With Pets? sleeping with pets

Our relationship with our pets can be beautiful and complex. For some of us, they’re family members, best friends, confidantes, someone we can trust with our most heartfelt secrets and share our best memories with. So isn’t it natural to want to snuggle up with our furry friends? The sleeping with pets debate has been […]

The Effects of Grief on Sleep grief and sleep

Many of us have experienced grief at some point in our lives. Those of us who have had to live through the agony of loss know what a horrible effect it can have on all aspects of our health, including our sleep patterns. And when we don’t sleep well, our bodies and our minds suffer […]

Why Women Need More Sleep Than Men why women need more sleep than men

It’s no secret that we all want a good night’s sleep. Whether we’re up late taking care of our families, working at demanding jobs, or spending quality time with friends, there’s nothing better than finally settling into a cozy bed for some rest and recuperation. But does physical exhaustion affect men and women in the […]

How to Stop Nightmares how to stop nightmares

There is probably no worse shared human experience than the feeling of waking up out of a nightmare. You might wake up disoriented and terrified, feeling your physical body respond to threats that aren’t there, unsure of where you are or what’s real. Sound familiar? Most adults experience nightmares at some point in their lives, […]

How to Make a Weighted Blanket how to make a weighted blanket

The best kinds of crafts are ones that are simple to make, nice to look at, and serve a functional purpose that makes your everyday life better. Weighted blankets — also called “pressure therapy blankets” — can be all of these things. If you haven’t heard of a weighted blanket before, don’t panic. They’re a […]

How to Get Your Toddler To Sleep In Their Own Bed how to get your toddler to sleep in their own bed

We know there’s nothing you value more in this world than the chance to snuggle up with your child every chance you get… except maybe, maybe a good night’s sleep that doesn’t involve being elbowed in the face or prodded in the back by a stray superhero figurine. Moving into separate sleeping situations can be […]

The Link Between Sensory Processing Disorders and Sleep the link between sensory processing disorders and sleep

Getting ready to go to sleep should be a time of peace and relaxation. It’s all about shutting down for the night, switching off your busy and worn-out processing systems and giving them a well-deserved rest. But what happens when you can’t switch those systems off, or getting ready for bed brings with it a […]

How to Sleep Through Noise how to sleep through noise

Whether your neighbors are up late having a celebratory bash, or you happen to live in a high-volume area with a lot of nighttime ruckus, losing out on sleep because of a noisy environment is nobody’s idea of a good time. We all know that poor sleeping habits have a slew of negative repercussions on […]

What is Sleep Debt? Can You Catch up on it? what is sleep debt can you catch up on it

And you thought financial debt was the biggest of your worries? Turns out, every time we starve our body of the healthy night’s sleep it needs we’re wracking up another kind of debt. Sleep debt is a very real problem that almost everyone faces at some point in their life, and it can have a […]

Depression and Sleep: What's the Link? depression and sleep whats the link

If you’ve ever had to live with depression or support someone who has, you’ll know that depression is much bigger than just a dark mood. It affects every aspect of your life, and your sleep health is no exception. Things get even more complicated when you realize that while depression causes insomnia and poor sleep […]

How to Start and Keep a Dream Journal how to start and keep a dream journal

How much do you think about your dreams during the day? Unless they’re causing problems in your sleep, probably not a whole lot. But did you know that dreams can actually be super beneficial? They can tell us a lot about what’s going on in our subconscious that we might not have otherwise been aware […]

Waking Up Dizzy: 10 Causes of Morning Dizziness waking up dizzy 10 causes of morning dizziness

There’s nothing worse than waking up from a night’s sweet oblivion and feeling the world start to spin around your head. Even with the perfect cozy blankets and a safe, comfortable sleeping space, you can still feel lightheaded when you wake up. So what gives? Morning dizziness can often indicate that something is wrong on […]

How to Get Rid of Dark Circles Under Your Eyes Permanently how to get rid of dark circles under your eyes permanently

Whether you were up late because you were spending time with friends or because you got sucked into the latest grand slam Netflix hit, waking up with dark circles under your eyes is the literal worst. Just looking at them in the mirror makes you feel even more tired. So what can we do about […]

The Benefits of Beauty Sleep & The Science Behind It the benefits of beauty sleep the science behind it

How many times have you heard someone tell you they needed an early night so they could “get some beauty sleep”? Or maybe you’ve used it as an excuse yourself when you didn’t feel up to a wild night out with your friends. But is “beauty sleep” a real phenomenon? Or is it just an […]

Using White Noise to Put Babies to Sleep Baby sleeping with white noise

Every parent has found themselves wishing there was an easy answer to a tired, crying baby. Trying to get your little one to bed can be even more exhausting for you than it is for them! It’s especially tough on families who live in areas with a lot of outside sounds, noisy neighbours, or a […]

Benefits of Sleeping Naked benefits of sleeping naked

As a society, we have a surprising amount of stigma against nakedness. Even in modern times when we really should be past all of that, there’s still an undercurrent that suggests that being naked is something shameful or “inappropriate”.   However, researchers are beginning to relearn what our ancestors knew for a long time: spending time […]

Hypnic Jerks: 5 Reasons You May Be Twitching As You Fall Asleep hypnic jerks

What are hypnic jerks, exactly? You may have heard this term being used to describe sudden motions that wake you up as you’re starting to fall asleep. They’re really a type of myoclonus, or involuntary muscle movement (hiccups are another one). These usually happen just as you’re teetering on the edge of sleep. Most people […]

Fever Dreams: Definition and Meaning fever dreams

Dreams are an endless source of fascination. For centuries scholars have been trying to understand why we dream, how our dreaming lives connect to our waking lives, and what we can learn from them to keep ourselves healthy and safe.  One thing they learned along the way is that dreams can spike in discomfort and […]

Should You Shower Before Bed shower before bed

For many people, getting into a warm, steamy shower is one of life’s great unsung pleasures. It calms us down when we’re upset, it helps relieve sore muscles, and even — bonus! — keeps us clean. Very often showering before bed is a natural part of our evening wind-down routine. But with health experts beginning […]

Why Sleeping On Your Stomach May Be Bad for You sleeping on your stomach

We know. Sleep is supposed to be your safe place. The time when you finally set down all your daytime worries for some hard-earned R&R — not to mention some mending of the stress you’ve been putting on your bones and muscles throughout the day. And now researchers are saying your sacred sleep time might […]

How to Wake Up Without an Alarm Clock wake up without an alarm clock

Don’t get us wrong — alarm clocks are a game-changing invention. They allow us to schedule our day, get to work on time, meet our friends for breakfast without starting an international incident, and even indulge in staying up a bit later because we’ll know we’ll be okay. But here’s a major, slightly scary, universal […]

How To Not Fall Asleep And Stay Awake how to not fall asleep

Here at Sleep Underground, we are all about learning to sleep your best life — whether that’s choosing the most comfortable duvets, setting up a perfect cozy bedtime routine, or experiencing creative dreams while you sleep. Sometimes, though, sleep just doesn’t make it to the top of our list of priorities. Maybe you have an […]

Snoring Remedies: 10 Tips To Stop Snoring stop snoring

Snoring might not seem like a big problem until you are sharing the same room or bed with someone. In fact, I am sure that most people don’t even know that they are snoring until they start living with someone. While it is a very natural thing, it becomes a problem when it is affecting […]

Sleeping With a Fan On - Safe or Bad for Your Health? sleeping with a fan on

For many people, falling asleep with a fan blowing cool air into their face is a pleasant, guilt-free, everyday luxury. Particularly when the temperature begins to rise and you’re stuck in a place with no air conditioning and poor circulation, sleeping with a fan on can be the secret to getting a good night’s rest […]

When Can Your Baby Sleep With a Blanket? when can your baby sleep with a blanket

When you think of cute, snuggly, photo-op moments with your newborn, one of the first things that comes to mind is probably an uber-soft cozy blanket in instagrammable pastels. In fact, many of us might have photos of our own little selves curled up with our favorite blanket.  That’s why it might surprise you to […]

Benefits of Reading Before Bed benefits of reading before bed

Is there anything nicer than snuggling into your duvet after a long, tiresome day and losing yourself in a good book? Bookworms will know that reading before bed offers a special kind of homecoming and tranquility that we can't quite find anywhere else — and certainly not on our social media feeds.  Reading offers you […]

What Is a Duvet Cover? And How to Choose the Right Duvet Set for Your Bedtime Bliss what is a duvet cover

You may have heard the words “duvet day” (duVET if you’re American, DUvey if you’re British) to mean a lazy, relaxing day spent luxuriating in bed. We could all use one of those once in a while, IMHO. But what is a duvet cover, exactly? And is it really the best thing for your Sunday […]

How To Get Blood Out Of Sheets how to get blood out of sheets

If you wake up with blood on your pillowcase or sheets, then the question of “how to get blood out of sheets” is one you need an immediate answer for. If you are prone to nosebleeds or recently had an injury taken care of, but accidentally got blood on your sheets, then you might be […]

How Long Can You Go Without Sleep? how long can you go without sleep

As your personal and professional responsibilities increase, it is not uncommon to wonder how much time would free up if you didn’t need to sleep. It certainly takes up a large chunk of your day which is why every now and then; you don’t mind missing it and diverting your focus onto an important deadline. […]

Memory Foam vs. Latex Compared – Which is Better for You? memory foam vs

If you plan to buy a mattress, you have probably narrowed down your list to these two mattresses, memory foam mattresses and latex mattresses. These two mattresses are arguably the best on the market and often compared to each other because they are both layered foam beds that adjust to the sleeper's body. To help […]

How Often Should You Wash or Change Your Bed Sheets? how often should you wash or change your bed sheets

Dirty, grimy, smelly bedsheets? No, please. Even for you, it’s inconceivable. Everyone shudders at the sight and feel of murky beddings because it’s aggravating and deeply unhygienic. Besides, coming back to bed after a long day to sheath from the cold night in putrid bed sheets is highly unthinkable. More often, we overlook our bedsheets […]

How to Make Yourself Have a Lucid Dream Tonight make yourself have lucid dream

Imagine being able to meet with any of your lost loved ones through dreams. Not only that you can meet anyone you want, but you can also travel the whole world, try anything you can think of, this is all possible through lucid dreaming. Lucid dreaming is something that almost everyone experienced once in their […]

How to Make Your Bed for Better Sleep how to make your bed for better sleep

Have you been tossing and turning all night trying to sleep? Well, join the club. Most adults face some difficulties sleeping right away, which could be due to many things. It could be because of stress, overthinking, or even might be because your bed is not comfortable enough. Whichever the reason is, losing sleep is […]

How to Fix Sleep Schedule: Tips to Reset Your Schedule how to fix sleep schedule

If you're the typical sleeper, you'll find it hard to get up in the morning. Instead, you'll cognitively shuffle through the bedside table to reach for the snooze button when the alarm goes off. Conversely, you'll find it almost impossible to fall asleep at night. If this happens, the chances are that your sleeping routine […]

Eating Before Bed: Is It Good or Bad? eating before bed good or bad

Should I or should I not eat before bed? This is a common debate in dieting circles, with many confused on how to go about it. There are several differing opinions on this topic, with backing up facts on each side. Studies suggest that having a meal before sleep can affect weight loss and sleeping […]

What is The Best Temperature for Restful Sleep best temperature to sleep

The setting in which you sleep has a significant impact on how well you sleep every night. For example, if you recall sleeping in your bed during a hot summer night, it was most probably not a pleasant experience.  This is because ordinary humans necessitate specific conditions to enjoy good sleep. Turning and tossing during […]

How to Keep Sheets on Bed In 8 Simple Ways

You probably know that annoying situation when you have just bought new sheets and you are trying to fit them on your bed. Well, fitting them will be easy, but keeping them in place is the real struggle. It might even seem that whatever you do, the sheets will keep on slipping and sliding from […]

Bamboo Fiber vs. Cotton Sheets: Which Ones are Better?

With a huge variety of sheets on the market, finding one that suits your needs can be a daunting task. Some people usually purchase sheet based on how it feels on hands, but that is usually a big mistake because it does not put into consideration other crucial factors. Cotton and bamboo sheets are among […]

Sleeping with Legs Elevated: Pros and Cons

After a long, tedious day, you want to lie down and rest. However, due to your hard-working nature, you put your legs under a lot of pressure, and they are swollen. In addition, you feel dizzy and cannot determine what the problem is. The best medicine is good quality sleep. Sleep for ages has been […]

9 Benefits of Sleeping in a Cold Room

Doctors have always emphasized good sleeping habits for your ultimate health. Good sleep is a simple technique that can elevate the quality of your life, although people take it for granted. One of the best ways to ensure that you enjoy a good night's sleep is by sleeping in a cooler room.  The optimal temperature […]

How to Stop Drooling In Your Sleep

Drooling while sleeping is quite normal, but it can also be a sign of a neurological issue, a sleep disorder, or another health problem. You may drool more as a result of a health incident such as a stroke, cerebral palsy, or multiple sclerosis (MS). Drool is saliva that flows out of your mouth. Even […]

Common Toxic Memory Foam Mattress: Symptoms and Solutions

Since mattresses are quite popular, there is more than one type of mattress out there, and not all of them are alike. Some mattresses are made to offer you more comfort while you sleep, while other types are beneficial for people who suffer from neck or back pain. While we all have our preferences when […]

How To Stop Your Mattress From Sliding

If you have been trying to get some good night's sleep and wake up in the middle of the night or the morning with a different position, maybe even on the floor? Well, that happens to the best of us when we cannot keep the mattress in place.  It could be frustrating to just wake […]

Why Babies Sleep With Their Bottom in The Air?

Parenthood is one of those things that one is never ready for; however much you want a child and research about it, one can never be fully prepared. It is one of those fields where you learn as the child grows, on-the-job training.  Parenting is not easy; especially immediately the toddler comes into the world; […]

How Long Do Mattresses Last?

Nothing beats a good night's sleep, and we know that a well-rested person is a productive individual. Many things come into play in ensuring that one has a good night's sleep, from what you ate for supper to what you're wearing. But most importantly, what kind of mattresses you are sleeping on at night (or […]

How to Stop Talking in Your Sleep: Causes and Solutions

Sleep talking is not exactly a rare thing to happen, it happens to people every day for different reasons, and almost everyone experiences it once or twice in their lives.  Sleep talking does not necessarily mean you will say something meaningful or deep, nope, it could be gibberish mumbling with absolutely no meaning whatsoever. Usually, […]

How to Sleep on Your Back The Right Way

Everyone has a preferred sleeping position. Some of us like to sleep on our sides, while others like to sleep on their stomach, and some just toss and turn and might even find themselves sleeping on the floor in the morning.  Well, no matter what your favorite sleeping position is, you only need to be […]

Queen vs. King Size Mattress – What’s The Better Choice?

If you are looking to buy a new bed, then the mattress size is one of the crucial aspects you should look into. This is because a mattress can make lots of changes in your room, starting with the free space to move around the room all the way to how comfy and suitable it […]

Home Remedies for Bed Bugs: How to Get Rid Of Bed Bugs Naturally

In recent years, bed bugs have made a comeback. Due to the extensive use of insecticides like DDT, bed bugs were practically exterminated in the United States. Furthermore, typical pest management methods have switched to utilizing pesticides only when absolutely essential indoors. In the past, hotels would spray pesticides in guest rooms on a regular […]

How to Clean Urine Out of A Mattress

While we all hope to never wake up smelling that urine in our beds, sometimes it does happen. It could be a surprise from your toddler or even your pet. And that is when you start the whole process of cleaning, scrubbing, and vacuuming. Even though most people try to clean the affected area with […]

How to Make a Mattress Firmer

A good night's sleep is necessary to wake up feeling relaxed and energized for the next day. If you are having trouble sleeping well during the night, it might be time to check the condition of your mattress. A rigid bed is not the best to go by, but at the same time, too much […]

What Are The Benefits of Waking up Early? benefits of waking up early

Tucking yourself in bed seems more exciting and captivating in the morning hours. However, as an early riser, you may find it hard to initiate sleep in the early morning hours. This piece explores various benefits of waking up early and how to start waking up early. Benefits of Waking Up Early  Better Sleep Quality […]

What is the Ideal Temperature for a Baby’s Room? ideal temperature for a babys room

A baby is one of the most delicate human beings on earth; therefore, they require critical attention when attending to them. They are our bundle of joy, and we should pay the most attention to the environment they are in. A safe environment helps the baby's health and determines the mood of the baby. The […]

Do You Need a Box Spring for Your Mattress? box spring for mattress

Back in the day, if you asked anyone whether you needed a box spring for your mattress or not, the answer would probably be definitely yes! However, with years passing by, manufacturers improved their mattresses to the point where now, you do not need a box spring anymore.  However, in some cases, box springs are still useful, […]

Sleeping on the Floor: Is It Good or Bad for You? sleeping on the floor

There is no doubt that mattresses are widely used, whether it's fancy or basic, new or old, almost everyone owns one. Mattresses play an important role in our daily lives as they help us sleep soundly at night. But is it the ideal way for us to sleep? Is there another way to sleep, such […]

Does Warm Milk Help You Sleep? does warm milk help you sleep

It is estimated that about 60 million Americas have a sleeping disorder. Lack of good night sleep has forced many people to go to great lengths and try things that could help them sleep better. Drinking milk before going to bed has for a long time been considered the go-to remedy that could lull you […]

3 Hours of Sleep - Is It Really Worth It? 3 hours of sleep

According to studies, getting at least a six-hour sleep every day is good for your health. But, not everyone’s privileged to get a long night’s sleep, partly because of tight professional obligations or health issues like insomnia. Hence, the concern lies in whether sleeping for a shorter period is good for your health? something like […]

Sleeping With Or Without A Pillow: Does It Really Matter? sleeping with or without a pillow

A good night’s sleep is a crucial factor in everyone’s life. It can make your day joyful or it can make you tired all day. For this reason, it is important to make sure your sleep is comfortable and healthy.  And your comfort all day could be affected by many factors, starting from your diet […]

How Much Sleep Do We Really Need? How Much Sleep Do We Really Need

The quality of your sleep directly impacts your health. Check how many hours of sleep you need.