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Trying to find products to help you get a more restful and peaceful sleep can quickly become overwhelming--there are thousands! If you’re tired of reading the same, tired promises that sleep products always claim and are instead looking for thoughtful and insightful analysis, you’re in the right place.

We review some of the most notorious sleep products as well as some of the lesser-known hidden gems and provide you with an honest take. Read our product reviews if you’re tired of being let down by your sleep products.

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Sleep Guides

If you truly want to optimize and improve your sleep, then you need to understand the science of sleep. We’ll lay the foundation required for superior rest by letting you in on some of the best-kept secrets when it comes to sleep, rest, and human sleep tendencies.

Use these tips and guides in conjunction with products from our reviews section to once and for all tackle the sleep problems that you struggle with.

The 10 Best Bedroom Plants to Help You Sleep bedroom plants to help you sleep

We all know that when it comes to our best sleep life, a safe, peaceful, happy bedroom area can be game-changing. Creating a space where you can leave your day-to-day worries aside and prioritize your body and mind can be the key to conquering anxiety-induced sleep disorders and improving your health overall. And it turns […]

What is Sleepwalking? sleepwalking

Have you ever fallen asleep in one place and woken up somewhere else entirely? Maybe you went to bed in your bedroom like usual, and then woke up on your living room sofa. Or maybe you’ve seen a partner, child, or other loved one sleepwalking and not known how to help. Sleepwalking can be mysterious […]

How Much Sleep Do Teenagers Really Need? teens and sleep

Life is full of challenges when you’re a teen. In addition to heavy schoolwork, first heartbreaks, and self discovery, people are always giving them a hard time about sleeping too much, or sleeping too little, or sleeping too late. What gives? Our teenage years are a period of unprecedented change, and sleep is more important […]

What is Jet Lag? And How to Beat It how to beat jet lag

Anyone who’s ever gone on holiday has probably heard the phrase “jet lag” at least once. If you’ve experienced it yourself, you’ll know that it’s never a nice way to start your time away from home, whether you’re taking a vacation, travelling for work, or seeing family. Jet lag can mess with our bodies and […]

Why Do We Dream? All Your Questions Answered why do we dream

Dreaming is one of those mysterious parts of life that science doesn’t entirely understand yet. Everyone dreams, and sometimes we share our dream experiences with others or listen to friends and family tell us about their dreams. But why do we live these complex, confusing, disorienting stories at night? What causes them, and why do […]

What is Hypersomnia? How Sleeping Too Much Affects Our Health hypersomnia sleeping too much

We often hear about the dangers of not getting enough sleep — and with our busy lifestyles and a trend for multitasking that shows no sign of slowing down, undersleeping is a very real threat to just about everyone. But what about sleeping too much? Is that even a thing that happens? And how does […]

Effect of Listening to Music While Sleeping — Good or Bad? listening to music while sleeping

There’s no denying that music forms a big part of our waking lives. We listen to it when we get up to help us start our day, we listen to it while we drive or ride the bus to work, when we’re visiting with our friends, or on an exciting night out. Some people devote […]

How Our Sleep Changes as We Age aging and sleep

We all know that sleep is an essential part of our daily health. It keeps our bodies strong, keeps our minds sharp, and contributes to our emotional well-being. But what about when we start getting older, and our bodies aren’t as reliable as they used to be? Good sleep health becomes a struggle as we […]

Should You Sleep With Pets? sleeping with pets

Our relationship with our pets can be beautiful and complex. For some of us, they’re family members, best friends, confidantes, someone we can trust with our most heartfelt secrets and share our best memories with. So isn’t it natural to want to snuggle up with our furry friends? The sleeping with pets debate has been […]

The Effects of Grief on Sleep grief and sleep

Many of us have experienced grief at some point in our lives. Those of us who have had to live through the agony of loss know what a horrible effect it can have on all aspects of our health, including our sleep patterns. And when we don’t sleep well, our bodies and our minds suffer […]

Why Women Need More Sleep Than Men why women need more sleep than men

It’s no secret that we all want a good night’s sleep. Whether we’re up late taking care of our families, working at demanding jobs, or spending quality time with friends, there’s nothing better than finally settling into a cozy bed for some rest and recuperation. But does physical exhaustion affect men and women in the […]

How to Stop Nightmares how to stop nightmares

There is probably no worse shared human experience than the feeling of waking up out of a nightmare. You might wake up disoriented and terrified, feeling your physical body respond to threats that aren’t there, unsure of where you are or what’s real. Sound familiar? Most adults experience nightmares at some point in their lives, […]