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How Often Should You Wash Your Bras?

For many people, the conventional wisdom is to wash a piece of clothing after every time you use it. However, many people are awakening to the fact that this might not in fact be the best course of action. Anyone that cares about conserving water and time might be wondering how often they should wash their bras.

Bras are a unique piece of clothing and they should be treated as such, especially if you’ve chosen one from our best sleep bra guide. They are not the same as many other pieces of clothing and there are certain rules that you should follow when washing them. We are going to provide you with a complete overview of washing your bras including how often you should wash them, how to wash them, and the potential consequences of not adhering to these guidelines. The same goes for bralettes – check our article if you’re wondering what is the difference between a bra and a bralette.

Common Misconceptions

When it comes to washing bras and other clothing, there are many misconceptions that you must first work around if you are hoping to have success. The most common and most powerful misconception is that you must wash a piece of clothing after each use. This has shown to simply be untrue. In fact, you can wear your clothes a few times in most cases before needing to wash them.

How Often to Wash Your Bra

When it comes to bras, the guidelines are simple. You should be washing your bras every 2-3 uses, as needed. If your bra smells strongly of body odor, that’s probably a good sign that it needs to be washed. However, it’s ideal to be able to wash them before this happens. It is sufficient for most women to wash every few uses. Washing after every use can take more time and create more waste.

How to Wash Your Bra

You need to know not only when to wash your bra, but also how. The method that you use to wash your bra is very important because it will have consequences when it comes to the condition and longevity of your bras. The best way to wash your bras is to handwash them. Most bras are handmade, and thus they should be hand washed.

This might sound like a lot of work and a large time commitment, but it is actually quite an easy process that anyone can do in a few minutes. When you are ready to wash your bra, the best way to do so is to fill a sink or tub with cold, soapy water and place your bras inside the water. Simply swish them around. There is no hard scrubbing needed, and simply swishing around the bras will clean them sufficiently.
Consequences of Not Washing Enough or Washing Too Much
It’s important that you know about washing your bras because there are clear consequences if you are unable to do it properly. Washing your bras too much can actually harm the longevity and durability of them. If you don’t hand wash your bras, washers and dryers can be very harsh on clothing and cause damage to them. Additionally, washing your bras too much can result in a waste of water and energy. For all of these reasons and more, it’s important that you wash your bras within the recommended guidelines.

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