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How Do You Sleep Comfortably in a Recliner?

We’ve all been there – whether you meant to fall asleep in your plush, comfy recliner or it was a happy accident as a result of a filling dinner and evening television, falling asleep in your recliner is a situation that many of us are all too familiar with. It’s hard to avoid, with how comfortable they can really be as we discussed in our best recliners to spend the night in.

Though they may be comfortable and inviting when you are fresh off a meal or in the middle of a Sunday slate of football games, they might not be so forgiving when you wake up later that evening or in the morning. In fact, they can have quite a negative impact on your comfort level the next day and you may experience soreness.

If falling asleep in your recliner is simply a way of life for you and you plan on continuing to do so well into the future, you’re going to want some tips on how to sleep comfortably in your recliner. You not only want to make sure that you have a world-class nap, but you’re also going to want to avoid that soreness that sometimes happens when we sleep in an uncomfortable position for a few hours.

We’re going to provide you with the tips and tricks that you need to sleep comfortably in your recliner and make sure that your time in the recliner is restful, peaceful, and above all, healthy for you and your body – especially since it’s OK to sleep in a recliner every night.

Preparation is Everything

In life and in sleep, preparation is everything. If you’re getting ready to settle down for a nap in your recliner, you need to prepare both yourself and your recliner. You will want to recline your chair to elevate your feet. For some people, compression socks help to decrease the chance of blood clots as a result of sleeping in this elevated position. Make sure that you set yourself up for success before falling asleep in your recliner.

Consider Lighting

Another factor that you will want to consider is lighting. Lighting can have a huge impact on the quality of sleep that you get. It’s not ideal to fall asleep as you’re watching a television program, as the blue light can be damaging to your eyes. In addition, having the TV on can decrease the quality of sleep that you get once you doze off. Make sure that you have very little light or dim, yellow light around you when you’re trying to fall asleep in your recliner.

What to Wear?

You might not be thinking about your wardrobe when you’re dozing off after dinner in your recliner, but it’s important that you pause and make sure you are really wearing what you want to wear when you fall asleep in your recliner. We would advise that you make sure you are wearing loose, comfortable pajamas and that you remove all jewelry, which could become damaged or hurt you as you sleep in the recliner.

Accessories to Bring

Finally, you will want to consider what accessories you want to bring along to your restful location. This could include pillows, blankets, pads, and anything else you feel that you might need to get a good night’s sleep. Having these accessories will prevent you from having to get up in the middle of the night or your nap to retrieve them, ensuring you can have a time of pure rest and bliss.

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