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Dodow Sleep Aid Review

Dodow Review – Will It Make You Fall Asleep?

Insomnia is the inability to sleep and is a medical condition that can affect your overall health. The inability to enjoy proper sleep reduces your productivity at work, especially if you have a busy schedule the next day. It may increase your risk of developing heart disease, diabetes, or stroke. Some years ago, it used to take me hours to get to sleep after I’d gotten in bed. The habit always left me agitated because I still had things to do the next day.

That’s why I looked into sleep induction. Sleep induction is the purposeful attempt to bring sleep using various techniques or devices. It is used to lengthen sleep times, improve sleep efficacy, and minimize or avoid insomnia.

Little did I know that I would find such a sleep aid device that’d have me asleep in minutes: the Dodow device.

Want to know if this device will make YOU fall asleep? If yes, I’ll show you that it can in this Dodow review.

Dodow Near Bed

Things to Consider Before Buying a Sleep Aid Device Like Dodow

Sleep is essential. It not only contributes to good health but also promotes productivity. In fact, a healthy adult should get about 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night. As a result, you need to make sure that you get enough of it.

Sometimes, however, you cannot get enough sleep – something that affects your normal functioning. Lucky for you, you can use a special device to get to sleep much faster. Dodow Sleep Device is one such item.

But other items could help improve your quality of sleep out there. So, if you’re looking to get yourself one because you have trouble falling asleep quickly, there are a couple of factors you need to consider.

Why’s that? You will come across a variety of brands out there, and they all function differently. Some emit light, while others produce white sounds that can help you fall asleep. All in all, you have to be very considerate before picking a particular sleep aid device.

However, if you don’t know what to look out for, you can use this article as a guide. Below are the most critical factors you should consider:


When you venture into the market to get yourself a sleep aid device, you have to consider its functionality. As we’ve mentioned, different devices operate differently. Some produce sound while others emit a soothing light. Therefore, you should get a device whose functionality suits your sleeping needs. It must also be proven to work effectively.


Additionally, you’ll come across products from different manufacturers out there. But before you settle for a specific sleep aid gadget, you must make sure that it meets all the quality standards. A great product will have undergone various tests by the relevant bodies and adhered to the set requirements. Moreover, it should have excellent build quality.

Getting advice

Before buying one of the sleep aids available, you can consult around to establish if the gadget works effectively. You can get great advice from your doctor to know if the product suits your sleep deprivation tendencies. I would also recommend looking for user reviews online. Their testimonials will give you a proper insight into how the device works.

Dodow Sleep Device: our Review

Now, let us have a look at Dodow and what it’s all about.

Dodow Front

Simply put, Dodow Sleep Device is a metronome that features a light system, which trains you on how to fall asleep naturally by following a breathing pattern. It eliminates the need for sleeping pills. The gadget has two modes – one for 8 minutes and another for a 20-minute session.

You only have to tap the gadget’s touch-sensitive surface to turn it on and activate either mode. After the device completes the exercise, it turns itself off. The gadget suits people aged 6 years and above, including those that have chronic insomnia, stress, troubled thoughts, and restlessness.

The manufacturer designed it to feature a compact, round shape. This means that you can place it on different platforms in your bedroom, thus allowing it to serve its main purpose of reducing the time you take to fall asleep.


  • Includes two sleep modes
  • Significantly reduces the time you take to fall asleep
  • Puts you to sleep naturally
  • Ideal for kids and adults
  • Turns off automatically after each mode


  • The touch surface is not very sensitive
  • Some users reported that the light may not work as it should – but our device worked just fine
  • Does not produce white sound

Features and Benefits of Dodow

Let us now delve into the main features and benefits of this sleep aid device.

Benefits of Dodow Sleep Device

Here are the core benefits of using this gadget.

Gets rid of distractions

For you to get to sleep faster, you need all distractions eliminated from your bedroom. They could range from a disturbing pet to a snoring partner. Fortunately, the Dodow sleeping gadget gives you something you can concentrate on (the light). And that makes it easier for you to fall asleep, within 8 to 20 minutes.

Changes state

After using your computer or phone and watching TV, falling asleep might prove a bit difficult because of the continued exposure to light. Sometimes, it may be your kids who’ve jumped around your bedroom, thus keeping you actively engaged. Now, making the transition from such activities to sleep is an uphill task. Luckily, Dodow makes this transition smooth so that you can fall asleep significantly more quickly by lowering your breathing rate.

Alters your brain waves

Another notable advantage of Dodow is how it changes brain waves. Here’s the deal. When you do an engaging activity, your brain waves move rapidly. So, when you get to bed immediately after, the movements will still be rapid, and you can’t fall asleep fast. Intriguingly, the Dodow sleep device slows down the brain waves so that you can reach a state of rest.

Promotes melatonin production

Melatonin is an essential hormone that controls the sleep-wake cycle, and our bodies produce it naturally. Melatonin helps us fall asleep, and Dodow increases its production. How does it do that? It will slow down your body’s metabolism rate, thus enabling you to fall asleep in just a few minutes. You no longer have to rely on supplements that promote melatonin production.

Core Features of Dodow Sleep Device

With that out of the way, let us check out the main features of Dodow.

Design and Build

The Dodow sleep aid is a small, simple, and compact gadget. It measures 3.54 x 3.54 x 0.71 inches. Moreover, it has a lightweight design, measuring 3.98 ounces. But don’t let the compact and lightweight designs let you underrate its performance. Dodow can put you to sleep in just a few minutes.

The device has a disc-like shape that resembles that of most alarm clocks. But instead of setting it up on its feet, you place it lying down. Its lightweight design also makes it portable, while the compact design lets you place it anywhere in your room.

The gadget also features a silent operation; so, you don’t have to worry about it creating distractions at night. What’s more, it is easy to operate. You only need to tap the sensitive surface to get the device working.

It is recommended that you put it on your nightstand. Why? The top features some LEDs. They emit a blue light that creates a convenient atmosphere for falling asleep. The edge of the Dodow also features a thin lip that slopes upwards.

The gadget also features a sturdy construction. Therefore, it should serve you for some time. The Dodow comes with a two-year warranty that protects the product against manufacturing problems.

That aside, Dodow has a light blue disk that acts as the base. It has a great grip to keep it stable on your nightstand. Besides enhancing stability, the base also doubles up as an instruction manual. You will see two images on it that direct you on how to activate the 8-minute or 20-minute light modes. The Dodow logo is also engraved here.


Dodow is a wireless gadget. It runs on batteries, which are expected to last 100 nights. You’ll see the battery compartment, which you need to twist to unlock, at the bottom. You need to place three AAA batteries in the specified compartment. This is great because it eliminates the risks associated with wires, especially if you’re using the device in a child’s room.

Besides, the fact that it runs on batteries means that you can carry it wherever you go, including for travel or camping. The good news? The batteries tend to last a long time before requiring replacement. Note, however, that the manufacturer doesn’t include a low-battery indicator.

Ease of Use

Fortunately, Dodow does not require a complex process for you to start using it. It will just take you a few seconds to insert the batteries, then you can start using your device right away. But first, you have to tap the touch-sensitive surface to select the cycle you want.

You can tap once to activate the 8-minute light cycle and twice for the 20-minute light cycle. The device will then emit a soft blue light, which you need to look at.

Usually, the light will appear and disappear within the set period. The purpose of this? To allow you to breathe evenly and actively. What you need to do is synchronize your breathing with soft light. You can inhale when the sleep light expands on your ceiling and exhale when it retracts. Breathing in tandem with the light reduces breathing rate from an average of 11 to six breaths per minute.

Such focus on your breathing rhythm allows your mind and body to relax. That way, it will slow down your heart rate, decrease your blood pressure, reduce your metabolism, and promote melatonin production, thus allowing you to sleep much more quickly. After a while, a sufficient amount of sleep will also help to restore the balance of your nervous system.

Social Proof

So, I scoured the internet to find what users had to say about Dodow. Here are a few positive remarks that I found.

One said that the device worked like a charm for her and her partner. They used to struggle with insomnia, but after the Dodow, they now sleep like babies.

Dodow Review Slept Like A Baby

Another reviewer said that the device worked perfectly for their 10-year old who used to have sleep disorders. They even reveal that Dodow had the kid asleep in 15 minutes on the first night.

Dodow Review Best Device for Sleeping


Dodow Sleep Aid Device Box

Insomnia and sleep deprivation are dangerous. They not only leave you unproductive but also affect your health. Luckily, the Dodow sleep aid comes to address these problems. The device produces a soft blue light and helps you lower your breathing rate, which calms you to help you fall asleep faster.

In the event that you’re having issues sleeping, we suggest that you try the Dodow as a first step.

It provides you with a natural solution to insomnia, among other conditions. It is also portable and easy to use. The best part? The company behind Dodow offers a 100 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Would you like to buy Dodow for yourself or a loved one? Click here to get it at a discounted price!

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