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Best Sleep Mask for Side Sleepers

Best Sleep Mask for Side Sleepers – 2024 Edition

Are you a side sleeper and looking for the best sleep masks? Do not worry. Here, I will provide you a detailed guide on how to choose the perfect sleep mask for yourself. I will also share reviews of few sleep masks. So, read on to get all your questions answered!

How to Choose the Best Sleep Mask?

Before going to buy the best sleep mask for side sleepers, you need to know what to look for. Here are the things that you should consider when you are out to buy such products:


Sleep masks are made up of different materials such as polyester, mulberry silk, fleece, satin, or cotton. Some masks also use a special kind of memory foam that reduces puffiness and keeps your make up untouched.


Always go for sleep masks that are specially equipped with light-blocking abilities. Heavy-duty masks work better than thin masks in this case.


As a side sleeper, you need to have a mask that does not have the closure system on both sides of the head. Be it velcro closure or clasps or straps, see that you buy only the mask that has the closure system elsewhere.


Comfort is the greatest criterion for choosing the best mask. So, you should purchase a sleep mask that will not put any pressure on your face and let you sleep comfortably. For this, it is important to get a sleep mask with an adjustable strap. Check if the buckle is situated at the back. Do not consider a sleep mask with a buckle on the side.

Size and effectiveness

Consider buying a sleep mask that would fit you perfectly. You should also check the adjuster or the attachment since much of the comfort and the stability of the mask depends on it. Consider buying a sleep mask that adjusts itself to your face contours and blocks the maximum luminosity.

What are the advantages of using a sleep mask by side sleepers?

The benefits of using a sleep mask are:

Improves sleep

Sleep masks solve all intrusive luminosity-related problems. It grants you the absolute darkness that you require for a comfortable sleep. By covering your eyes, they create a pitch-dark environment. Some sleep masks can also block out the blue light that emanates from the electronic devices in your room.

Minimizes distractions

We all feel the urge of checking our phones even while lying down and waiting to fall asleep. Sleep masks create a boundary between you and this constant urge of being connected to the outside world. It encourages you to sleep well and not respond to any environmental stimuli.

Treats eyes

Sleep masks which are made of mulberry silk or any other gentle fiber, protect your eye area and reduces wrinkles. Some sleep masks possessing innovative technologies reduce puffiness and treat dry and irritated eyes. Sleep masks offer a protective and tender cocoon while you sleep.


Sleep masks are a must buy if you travel frequently. Be it a car trip or a long flight, sleep masks help you to fall asleep within the minimum time. You get an ideal sleeping environment as soon as you wear them. Some sleep masks also come in good looking pouches that you can carry wherever you go.

Offers relaxation

Sleep masks with heating or cooling features help you get rid of migraine headaches. Masks with soothing scents or fragrances induce sleep and make you feel relaxed. Some sleep masks are weighted to put gentle pressure to stimulate serotonin and melatonin production that improves your sleep hygiene.

What are the precautions to be taken before using sleep masks for side sleepers?

Before falling asleep, ensure that the clasp is situated in such an area on the mask that it will not give pressure to you while you are sleeping. Also, see to it that the strap does not get entangled in the hair and can be easily adjusted to the size of your head.

After making all the adjustments, make sure that the mask fits well, and does not move around, especially since you’re a side sleeper. You should also not fix it so tightly that it puts pressure on your head. The mask should sit comfortably around the nose bridge so that no light can enter.

Before going to bed, move the mask up to the forehead so that you can easily slide it down to cover your eyes when you are ready to doze off.

Manta Sleep Mask

Manta Sleep Mask


  • Offers no eye pressure
  • Encourages comfortable blinking
  • Durable
  • Ideal adjustability
  • Blocks 100% luminosity


  • Needs to be fastened tightly
  • The strap is very thick
  • Eyecups could have been larger

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This product is one of my favorite sleep masks for side sleepers. It is a good quality modular eye mask. The top thing about this product is its adjustable eyecups. You can mold them as per your requirement and block light completely. This customization of the eyecups makes this product a great buy. Move the cups as you require, personalize their angle and position and you are ready to have a sound sleep.

By using this product, you are sure to get the best sleep, no matter which environment or position you are in. The feature of extra-deep, fully movable eye cups lets you blink normally. This works great for me when I put on this mask and get ready to fall asleep.

The mask is very soft and made up of good quality and breathable cotton. The cozy strap is useful as it fits snugly on your head so that you won’t even feel like wearing anything. The strap makes it super easy to adjust.

The product comes with industrial-grade and strong elastic that lets you stretch the mask as per your need. The gentle fasteners work very well to tighten the mask so that the mask remains in its place and doesn’t fall off when you are sleeping peacefully.

This mask provides a nice blackout experience and I love it for this reason. There is no luminosity leakage from any corner of the mask. It offers you a full sensory shutdown.


  • Adjustable eyecups
  • Made up of breathable fabric
  • Cozy strap
  • Strong elastic
  • Snag-free fasteners

Mavogel Sleep Eye Mask

Mavogel Sleep Eye Mask


  • Durable
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Excellent quality


  • Elastic is not strong enough
  • Not able to cover the eyes properly
  • Does not have a convex casing

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The new advanced design of this sleep mask is the result of long-term detailed research. The manufacturer has taken extra care to make sure that the sleeping mask fits all head sizes. This product comes with the feature of bending cartilage. This is helpful because it lets you adjust this sleep mask so that you have a great sleeping experience.

The mask is specially designed to block any light that enters through the nose area. No gap is left in the nose area to ensure that it is blocked. I love this product as it helps me sleep comfortably, no matter where I am.

The triangle wing just above the nose area is very helpful. It is made up of soft and good quality cotton. This feature keeps the mask in its place and prevents it from moving here and there. This works well as it does not give any additional pressure to your face. I often wear this to get a long nap and wake up completely refreshed and relaxed.

This product has five layers of ultra-breathable fabric. The materials used in this product give a super comforting and soft touch on your eyes.

This product is 100% handmade. If you observe, you will notice that the sewing and cutting are very accurate. The seams are clean, smooth, and tight. This makes sure that minimum rubbing takes place while you are sleeping comfortably.


  • Updated new design
  • Perfect light blockage
  • The triangle wing prevents moving
  • Wider and thicker strap

Freshme Sleep Mask

Freshme Sleep Mask


  • 100% handmade
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Doesn’t give pressure


  • Difficult to be kept tightened
  • The dye tends to bleed
  • Too big for average head size

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This product has the useful feature of W-shaped sewing. I appreciate this feature a lot because this W-shaped design around the nose area works efficiently. It stops all light and creates a dark zone so that you have a very good sleep without any discomfort.

The W-shaped wing design is also helpful as it lets the mask rest easily on the bridge of the nose without hampering usual breathing. Apart from using this sleep mask at home, you can also use this in flight, while camping, or during long road trips.

The cotton used in this product is ultra-soft and skin-friendly. So, you can wear it without any worries about having rashes or allergies. The nice, breathable fabric also provides a comfortable fit. The stitching of this sleep mask is strong.

What I like the most about this mask is its interior cotton pad. This feature makes this sleep mask a great purchase. The inner soft pad gives additional cushioning and also acts as a soft cushion, separating your eyes and the mask. By wearing this you won’t feel any covering on your eyes.

In the new version, you will see flexible straps that will help you adjust the sleep mask according to your head size. This means that all the members of your family will be able to use this sleep mask, no matter what their head circumference is.

Being 100% handmade, this sleep mask can be hand-washed easily with mild detergent and homoeothermic water.


  • Perfect light blocking
  • Skin-friendly material
  • W-shaped nose design
  • Natural cotton padding
  • Adjustable hook and loop closure

PrettyCare Sleep Mask

PrettyCare Sleep Mask


  • Allows you to blink freely and with ease
  • Blocks light completely
  • Made up of lightweight material
  • Gives no eye pressure


  • The strap tends to get entangled in the hair
  • The edges are very sharp

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This is an amazing sleep mask that comes with high-density memory foam. Unlike the masks that use silk, this sleep mask features good quality memory foam. Such material has a high brightness-blocking ability. Memory foam is also remarkable because it can be molded easily. Memory foam also has rebounding property. This means that they go back to their initial shape after usage.

The mask is ultra-thin and super comfortable to wear. It blocks light efficiently to ensure that your night is not spoilt and you have a sound sleep full of beautiful dreams. The eyeshades are 3 dimensional and have large cavities to provide you utmost comfort.

The feature that proves to be very helpful is its nasal bridge which is raised. The manufacturer has also paid extra attention to get the canthus thickened so that when you wear the sleep mask, it does not spoil your makeup.

The loop design has been introduced recently and it works great when you try to adjust the mask. It seals the mask well without causing any harm to your hair-do. This sleep mask is also a good choice as it has maintained the Oeko Tex standards.

The smooth edges and the strong joints of the mask are a result of using CNC lathes. I appreciate the fact that this sleep mask comes with a pair of premium quality earplugs and a nice travel pouch made of silk.


  • Spacious eye cavities
  • Raised nasal bridge
  • 3D contoured eyecups
  • Adjustable and good quality elastic straps
  • The contoured shape keeps makeup intact

IMAK Compression Pain Relief Mask

IMAK Compression Pain Relief Mask


  • Gives an amazing cooling effect
  • No pressure
  • Blocks out light efficiently
  • Can be hand-washed easily


  • The cooling effect is not long-lasting
  • The elastic is flimsy and loose

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This sleep mask is a must-have for people who are indoor workers. I like to use it when I need some rest after a long and tiring day. This specially designed sleep mask provides relief from tension headaches, migraine headaches, eyestrain, and sinus pain. The special massaging ergoBeads offer a gentle cooling and massage effect around your eyes.

The stitching design gives no pressure on the face. This sleep mask will get you rid of all kinds of eye and head pain. It is a good choice if you want to meditate, relax or rest for a while. It is useful for taking away all your travel stress and provides great relief after continuous working or gaming sessions.

Another feature of this amazing product is that it can be stored in a freezer. If you take it out from the freezer and use it, you will enjoy a relaxing, cool, and soothing effect on your eyes. This works excellently if you suffer from puffy eyes and dark circles.

This sleep mask adjusts itself to the contours of your face and prevents light from seeping in. It is a great purchase especially for side sleepers who want the mask to be in its proper place. The durable and adjustable elastic strap prevents the mask to make any sort of movement. The cotton material used in the product is comfortable and skin-friendly.


  • Equipped with pain-relieving properties
  • Comes with massaging ergoBeads creating a massaging effect
  • The asterisk stitches allow no pressure on the face
  • The unique design gives space to the eyes for complete relaxation

Conclusion: our pick

After going through the features along with the advantages and disadvantages of the best sleep masks for side sleepers, Mavogel Sleep Eye Mask appears to be the clear winner. As and when compared to other sleep masks, this sleep mask has received good ratings online and also enjoys a high reputation among the users for its effectiveness.

It uses super breathable material that includes cotton and sponge. It provides a soft touch on the eyes. With its adjustable and bending cartilage, all the lights that come from the nose area are blocked.

The strap has been made thicker and longer in the new version. The buckle has also been moved to the backside making this mask a huge hit among the side sleepers. The sleep mask has also been enlarged in the updated version to ensure better coverage. It lets you sleep in comfort since it does not give any pressure on the eyes.

This sleep mask with an ergonomic design fits all head sizes. It is extremely travel-friendly and creates a sleeping environment whenever needed. It is 100% handcrafted and has good sewing and cutting finish. Thus, it fulfills all the criteria for an effective sleep mask.

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