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5 Best Sleep Bras of 2024 – Find the Most Comfortable Bras to Sleep in

If you happen to be one of those women that won’t leave the house without putting a bra on or can’t even sleep without having one on, you may want to invest in a good sleep bra. Most women find wearing a bra a necessity during the day, but it’s not always the most comfortable garment to keep on while you are sleeping. That’s why it’s important to find a soft and stretchy one that you won’t even notice that you have it on.

A typical bra with underwire will pinch you as you sleep. A sleep bra does not use an underwire but instead uses a durable and stretchy band that gives you the support you need. Here are a few tips and reviews to help you buy the best one for a good night’s sleep.

Considerations When Choosing a Sleep Bra

Why wear a sleep bra?

You will find several reasons you might want to wear a bra while you sleep, including better support if you have larger breasts. Women with larger breasts often have an issue when they sleep on their back or turn over during the night. Other women prefer to support their breasts throughout the night just as they do during the day, no matter their size.

There is also the belief that your breasts will look fir and feel firmer and perter if you are always wearing a bra. Offering the most comfort throughout the night, it is also a good choice as a maternity bra for overall support as their breasts change shape or for easy access when nursing. If you have had surgery or recently had breast implants, you may also prefer the additional comfort sleep bras can offer throughout the night.

What type of bra do you need?

Differing significantly from a typical bra, a sleep bra has no wires and will look different as far as overall feel and texture. Basically, it is the opposite of the bra you wear every day that can also give you a nice support and comfort level. Sleep bras also comes in several choices, including:

• Wireless slip-on bras

• Nursing and pumping wireless slip-on bras

• Wireless soft-cup bras

• Cleavage bras

What to Look For in the Best Sleep Bra?

Customized to hold every side of your breast, sleep bras are so comfortable you won’t even notice you are wearing one. This comfort level allows you to sleep in the bra, which can be hard to find for women with larger breasts. Just make sure you do your research to ensure that the one you are considering gives the comfort level you are looking for in the bra size that you wear.


It is recommended that you get the correct sized product by shopping for it the same way you do your everyday bra. You can figure out the bust and band size you need by using a measuring tape. To get the right band size, measure the area around your ribs right just under your breasts.

Make sure the tape measure isn’t too loose or too tight around your ribs, which will ensure that your blood circulation won’t be at risk when you wear your sleep bra.

And, for your bust size, take the tape measure and measure that around your back up to the fullest point of your breasts. Make sure not to pull the tape too tightly, but make sure that you have it wrapped straight through your back and then towards your nipples so that you get the right size. After you have your bust and band size, the difference between the two sizes will give you your cup size.


The level of softness that sleep bras have is the biggest difference between them and regular bras. A sleep bra is designed specifically to be super soft, preventing you from having any discomfort as you sleep. For those that can’t sleep without having breast support, it is something you definitely should look into.

This is particularly true for a woman with large breasts that can use extra support when you sleep on your side. No matter your preferred sleeping position, the bra you are wearing shouldn’t interrupt your sleep, so the softer the bra is, the better you will sleep.


One of the best feelings after a busy day is taking off your underwire bra. It’s important to remember that a sleep bra gives you a different comfort level than an underwire one. It will still give you the same support you get from your underwire bra without pinching your skin as you sleep.


You also want to look for a lightweight product similar to a low impact sports bra. Bralettes are also pretty stretchy and made with cotton fabric. These bras can also be a good choice since some are gartered with under strap support. Remember that a good wire-free bra will give you the correct support you need as long as it fits you properly.


To make sure that you have the most comfort when you wear your sleep bra, you want to make sure it does not have the following;

  • Straps
  • Clasps
  • Wires
  • Padding
  • Loose fittings

You also want to make sure it will give complete coverage and provide an adequate shape while also giving you the maximum comfort level, with no compression. Basically, you want to choose one that you won’t even feel.

Prettywell Sleep Bras

Prettywell Sleep Bras


  • It can be worn for low-level exercise
  • It doesn’t leave bumps under your clothes
  • You can remove the pads to make it even more comfortable


  • Sizes run a little large
  • Some users found it uncomfortable

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Offering a cozy and soft feeling, the Prettywell Sleep Bra is a clasp-free bra that is ideal for low impact activity or everyday use. This is a seamless bra that is equipped with a wide and flat stretch band. With its wireless design, it gives you a flattering and smooth lock.

Great for walking or doing yoga, this product encourages breast health from its comfortable layout. Using stretchy, soft, and breathable material, this is a great bra for wearing around the house, thanks to its ergonomic form. With its advanced Italy Knitting Technology, you get reduced friction and fewer injuries during normal, daily activities.

It won’t leave visible bulges, thanks to its lack of clips and hooks. It also won’t feel too tight when you wear it making it a great choice to sleep in. It doesn’t include an underwire but instead uses a wide band that is a comfortable way to support your chest.

This breathable and comfortable bra has a moisture wicking feature. Available in several sizes, it can fit women ranging from A to DDDD cups. This comfy wire-free bra also includes removable pads and a pull-on closure.

Relieving pressure from your chest or shoulder, it is a great choice for jogging, working out at the gym, or yoga. The easy to remove pads make it more comfortable to sleep in as well as healthier for your body. You can purchase this product in nine colors, including nude, black, or white.

Fruit of the Loom Women’s Built-Up Tank Style Sports Bra

Fruit of the Loom Women's Built-Up Tank Style Sports Bra


  • It’s very stretchy, making it super comfortable
  • You can wash it in the washer
  • It creates a smooth look under your clothes


  • Some of the colors have an odd fit
  • Not a good choice for workouts

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A great addition to any woman’s wardrobe, the Fruit of the Loom Woman’s Tank Style Sports Bra is perfect to wear around the house or to the gym. Made with soft cotton, this sports bra will help keep you supported while also providing a smooth look. Affordable and comfortable, it gives you the support you need for an active lifestyle.

This product features a pullover tank-style available in a pack of three. It’s made with 95 percent cotton and five percent spandex and features a racerback design. Made with a two-ply stretch construction, it gives you full coverage for your day to day activities.

Offered in several colors, this sports bra is tag-free. This Fruit of the Loom bra also provides a smooth appearance under your clothes, so you don’t have to deal with annoying bulges. This is an easy to maintain garment that you can machine wash in cold water and tumble dry on low.

BESTENA Sports Bras

BESTENA Sports Bras


  • You can wear this bra for more intense sports
  • It isn’t too tight and doesn’t pinch
  • You get great support and can use it after surgery


  • It will show under some sleeveless shirts
  • The triangle “padding” seems awkwardly placed

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Made with high-quality fabric, the BESTENA Sports Bras offers a comfortable fit with its seamless design that doesn’t have a tight fit. Ideal for any sports lover, this sports bra helps to enhance your health awareness when it comes to breast health. Not only does it have a wire-free design, but this sports bra also has removable pads.

Super comfy, it has a moisture wicking feature to keep you dry as you work out. With its seamless design, this breathable sports bra features great elastic and stretch that works well for both small and large women, plus the elastic won’t hurt your skin.

This bra can for daily activities or while you sleep. Easily wear it during yoga, walking, jogging, or running. To make it even more comfortable, you can remove the pads depending on your personal preferences. This bra will always retain its shape and will never cause bra bulges.

Featuring a pull-on closure, it has a wide band hem and wide elastic straps that support your bust. It’s a great choice for low impact sports that won’t give you the struggle that other bras do with pinching and discomfort. TIt is also a good choice after having surgery or after pregnancy.

Bali Women’s Comfort Revolution Shaping Wirefree Bra

Bali Women's Comfort Revolution Shaping Wirefree Bra


  • It is super comfortable – you can wear all-day
  • It provides a good amount of support
  • You get excellent coverage and a smooth look that also improves your shape


  • The sizes aren’t consistent
  • The material will pill

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Offering a comfortable foundation, the Bali Women’s Comfort Revolution Shaping Wirefree Bra features a stretchy fabric blend that ensures a comfortable and flexible fit. Equipped with a soft elastic underband, it uses a Cool Comfort fabric that keeps you feeling dry and cool.

Wicking away moisture, this bra is wire-free and features a back closure. It includes two-ply cups and a comfortable U-back design. Offering incredible shaping support, this sleep bra has a seamless design.

Using knit-in zones, you get target support while the seamless design offers comfort without annoying bra lines. Made with Spandex, nylon, and polyester, this is a machine-washable garment that is easy to maintain

Hanes Women’s Comfort Evolution Bra

Hanes Women's Comfort Evolution Bra


  • It gives you great support and coverage
  • It comes in a lot of fun covers
  • It’s super soft and stretchy
  • The material is breathable, stretchy, and smooth
  • It is tight enough to give support without digging into your skin


  • It has a high neck that is visible with some shirts
  • It has a uni-boob design that some users don’t like

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Available in 13 colors, the Hanes Comfort Evolution Bra comes in basic colors like nude, white, and black, along with fun colors like red, cheetah, and coral. It has a sweetheart neckline and also comes in size from small to 3X. It uses a four-way stretch fabric soft to the touch, which is designed to move with you.

With no wires, this product comes with comfortable wide straps that give you better coverage along with a wide band that is thicker than other bras on the market. It is so comfortable, you will barely notice it. Its sleek silhouette won’t be noticed under your clothes.

Perfect for running errands or wearing around the house, it is unlike other wire-free bras that don’t give you support. You don’t have to worry about it with this sports bra that also includes wider straps to give you added coverage and support.

Offering a perfect fit that isn’t too tight or constricting, it is made with 11 percent Spandex and 89 percent polyester. With seamless lining, this bra is equipped with a hook and eye closure. This is hand wash only.

And the winner is…

The winner of this roundup is the Prettywell Sleep Bra. Giving you a cozy and soft feeling, this is a clasp-free product that is ideal for low impact activity or everyday use. Equipped with a wide and flat stretch band, this wireless and seamless bra gives you a flattering and smooth lock.

Using stretchy, soft, and breathable material, this is a great bra for wearing around the house, thanks to its ergonomic design. With its advanced Italy Knitting Technology, you get reduced friction and fewer injuries during normal, daily activities. It also won’t leave visible bulges thanks to its lack of clips and hooks.

Breathable and comfortable, it comes with a moisture wicking feature as well as removable pads and a pull-on closure. Relieving pressure from your chest or shoulder, the Prettywell Sleep Bra is a great choice for sleeping, jogging, working out at the gym, or yoga. It is the definite winner of this review, hands down.

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